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"My Bad Boy Guitar had had a couple of outings so far and will be used in anger for the first time next weekend! It's a beast, sounds and plays like a dream and I have Paul @ Paul Cuthbert Guitars to thank for it! It is amazing!"

- Jonathan Craven (Liquid Sky)

"thanks for sorting my Les Paul, awesome job n sounds great ! will keep you in mind for anything else that comes up ! Cheers"

-Daz Dazlan Wright

"Great service from Paul, really easy to communicate and work with. Catered to my every need, high attention to detail and quality of work to get your guitar set up the best it can be.

I can safely say I will be using Paul services again, I highly recommend."

- Simon Trowse

"LP plays like a dream, cheers dude!"

- Andrew James Reid

"Thanks for the headstock repair, fretdress & set-up on my guitar. I've had it done before at another place in Manchester and it was no where near as good as the job you've done. You're the man!"

- James Wraylang


"Fantastic job you did with the tuners and set-up of my guitar. It plays insanely well."

- Lewis


"Thank you for the set-up and fretdress! My guitar is playing like a dream and sounds amazing."

- Tom Martin


"My guitar in now a proper beast! It plays amazing, I'm well chuffed with it! The pick-up sounds ace."

- Tay (Atlas)


"Thank you for sorting out my guitars. I never knew they could play like this! Fantastic job."

- Ste Burke (Inbred Quarter)


"Thank you for the amazing job on my Perspex guitar. It plays and sounds fantastic."

- Tom (Hammers)


"I never knew my basses could play like this! Amazing job!"

- Jason (The Drama)


"I thought my SG guitar was doomed...but the neck reset job you've done has made it perfect!"

- John


"The set-up and brass nut has made my guitar sound monstrous. Many thanks"

- Ian crawford (Dog Kicked In Half)


"My Westone Paduak is twice the guitar it used to be, thanks to Paul!"

- James O'Keefe (Saphire Skies)

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