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The Beginnings (December 1998 - 2003)

Chatsworth Guitars & "Sermon of Hypocrisy"

Paul picked up the guitar at a very young age and became obsessed with all things guitar. Playing Day and night to be able to play his favourite riffs and get himself in a band.


In December 1998, Paul started work as a  Guitar Luthier Apprentice At Chatsworth Guitars in Harrogate, Paul demoed “Andy Smith” guitars whilst learning everything he could about guitar maintenance, repairs & building.


After spending nearly two years at Chatsworth Guitars, Paul's band at the time (SERMON OF HYPOCRISY) took off - and so did he, touring the UK and parts of Europe to promote their original material. 


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Touring Musician & Guitar Tech (2003 - 2007)

Time with metal band "Nailed" & tour guitar tech.

After Paul's time with SOH, Paul Joined Yorkshire Metal Band "Nailed". Paul co-wrote their first full length album and spend 4 years touring the UK and Europe and then went on to Co-Write their second Album.


Whilst on tour, Paul put his luthier skills to good use, being guitar tech for his band and other bands he toured with.

Guitar Tech & Luthier (2007 onwards)

New Music & More Touring

In September 2007, Paul Moved to Manchester for new music project "Spires", A Progressive Metal band with extreme intricate guitar riffs and melodies. Paul Co-Wrote their first EP and toured frequently around the UK and parts of Europe.


Paul main focus over this period was starting his OWN Luthier business as well as working for live music touring company "STS Touring Productions Ltd" as a touring guitar tech. He also worked for Manchester Music Shop "Soundcontrol" as their resident guitar Luthier.


After Soundcontrol closed and Paul became a Father, Paul backed away from the touring and concentrated on luthier work. 


Hertfordshire/Cambridgshire & Now

Custom Building

Paul moved to Hertfordshire in April 2014, now working totally for himself. Paul has a workshop in at his home in Flint Cross, South Cambridgeshire.


Paul has built up a fantastic reputation across the UK for his guitar builds, modifications & rebuilds, so now has a great focus for his own luthier work & his family.


Keep an eye on the News / Facebook pages for updates on latest projects!

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